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Class of 2021

About Us

Profile of a Graduate

What qualities and characteristics will your child have upon graduating from The Heritage School?  Our graduates share common skills and attributes specifically developed and enhanced during their tenure here. These skills and attributes include:

Academic Skills

List of 4 items.

  • Literacy: artistic, communicative, cultural, financial, historical, linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological

  • Problem-solving

  • Research and critical thinking: acquisition, analysis, synthesis, application

  • Study skills: organization, self-advocating, self-managing, self-aware

Personal Attributes

List of 13 items.

  • Honor, integrity

  • Self-confident, self-disciplined, responsible, accountable, independent

  • Empathy, compassion, kindness, respect

  • Leadership, collaboration, service to others, philanthropy

  • Strong work ethic, citizenship, perseverance, resilience, courage

  • Appreciation for others' differences, willingness to actively listen

  • Willingness to take appropriate risks

  • Creativity, curiosity, imagination

  • Connection to one's natural environment

  • Love of learning

  • Pride in self and in school

  • Courteous, well-mannered, gracious

  • Balance of mental and physical fitness

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