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The Heritage Difference

At The Heritage School, we take immense pride in offering unique and innovative programs that set us apart from the rest. Our commitment to academic excellence goes beyond conventional methods, providing students with exceptional learning experiences. From personalized learning pathways to cutting-edge technology integration, we nurture individual talents and foster a culture of critical thinking and creativity. Our globally inspired curriculum, combined with a strong focus on character development and community engagement, equips students to excel in a rapidly evolving world. With a passionate faculty dedicated to cultivating each student's potential, we strive to make a difference in their lives and empower them to become future leaders. Experience education like never before and join us on a transformative journey that celebrates every student's distinct capabilities and aspirations.

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Group Photo of Bigs and Littles on Kite Day

The Heritage School's unique Grad2Grad program pairs our seniors and kindergartners together to create cherished memories throughout the year as "Bigs" and "Littles."

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Interim week takes place each fall, when students in grades 5-12 travel to different destinations all over the southeast. The trips are planned to coincide with and enhance the classroom curriculum, and are important for students' academic, social, and personal growth. 

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International Day

The Heritage School's International Day is a spectacular celebration that embraces the rich tapestry of cultures and heritages represented within our diverse student community. This vibrant event brings together students from different backgrounds to share and showcase their unique traditions, customs, and cuisines. 

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During the third week of May, 5th through 12th Grade students compete on combined teams captained by Upper School students across a number of athletic, artistic, and academic events.

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The Robotics Program at the Heritage School offers an engaging and hands-on experience for students to delve into the captivating world of robotics. 

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The Hub

The Heritage School wants to ensure that all of our students succeed! With the support of our experienced Learning Specialists, each student is given the resources they need for a successful academic career. The "HUB" is an academic support and learning resource center designed to provide a wide range of services and resources to support students in their learning and academic success.

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