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Grad 2 Grad

Group Photo of Bigs and Littles on Kite Day

The Heritage School's unique Grad2Grad program pairs our seniors and kindergartners to create cherished memories throughout the year as "Bigs" and "Littles." This heartwarming initiative celebrates the bond between our seasoned graduates and our youngest learners, fostering a sense of camaraderie and inspiration that transcends age barriers. Paired up for special events and activities, these senior-kinder duos embark on a journey of shared experiences, learning from one another, and forming friendships that last a lifetime. Witnessing the genuine care and support between these generations is truly remarkable, embodying the values of community, compassion, and mentorship that define The Heritage School. 




Grad2Grad Events

Through our Grad2Grad program, senior and kindergarten students spend time together all year. Learn more about just a few of the special programs hosted for our Grad2Grad students:  

The shoe tie event exemplifies the power of mentorship and camaraderie between seniors and kindergartners. This special event takes place during the school year and is designed to teach the art of shoe tying to our youngest learners. Graduating seniors, with their wealth of experience, take on the role of patient mentors, guiding the eager kindergartners through the process of mastering this fundamental skill and helping their "Little" earn their laces!

One of the most beloved Halloween traditions within The Heritage School's Grad2Grad program is the sight of our students donning coordinating costumes. Each year, the kindergartners excitedly select a whimsical and imaginative costume theme, and our graduating seniors embrace the spirit of fun and camaraderie by wearing matching ensembles. The result is a delightful spectacle that embodies the joy of intergenerational connections and the sense of togetherness that defines our school community.

The Heritage School Grad2Grad Kite Day is an exhilarating and colorful event that brings together graduating seniors and kindergartners for a day of outdoor fun and bonding. On this special day, the school grounds come alive with an array of vibrant kites, as the seniors and kindergartners team up to  fly their kites high in the sky. For many of our kindergartners, it is their first experience flying a kite, and our seniors take on the role of patient mentors, guiding them through the process with enthusiasm and encouragement.

Bigs and Littles at Friendsgiving

The Heritage School's Grad2Grad Friendsgiving is an event that celebrates the spirit of gratitude and togetherness within our school community. As Thanksgiving approaches, graduating seniors and kindergarteners come together to share a special feast filled with delicious food and heartfelt conversations.

Bigs and Littles at Cookout

Held the first week of school, our Kickoff Cookout pairs our seniors and kindgerteners for the first time for a day of fun, food, and friendship! This cookout is held on campus and invites the parents of our kindgerateners to meet their students' "Big" for the year.