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Fifth Grade Curriculum


The Fifth grade English curriculum focuses on literature, grammar, and on expository and creative writing. In literature, students read selections from an anthology as well as selected trade novels. Experiences both in expository and creative writing are provided throughout the year and across the curriculum. Grammar constitutes a review of the eight parts of speech with some diagramming.


Fifth grade math covers many concepts that prepare students for later math courses. Concepts introduced and revisited at the fifth grade level include problem solving, graphing data, decimals, fractions, percents, and basic geometry.


The fifth grade science course provides a foundation for future coursework throughout the middle and upper school levels. Students are introduced to their physical world through investigations in light, sound, and matter. Earth as a dynamic planet and its relationship in the universe are explored. The living world involves study into the simplest and most complex organisms and interactions with the environment. Students develop scientific problem solving techniques through participation in hands-on activities.


Fifth grade history focuses on the study of modern America.  We begin our study with the Industrial Revolution and continue through the 1950’s.  Instruction includes large and small group discussion, lectures, group projects, plays, guest speakers, field trips, and films. An added feature to the program is the use of literature to help create a sense of the time periods. Students read historical fiction in conjunction with textbook study.


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