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Sixth Grade Curriculum


Sixth Grade English focuses on expanding the writing skills taught in Fifth grade. Students write daily in a Writer’s Notebook in a number of writing genres. This course continues the Middle School study of grammar, vocabulary, and literature. Grammar and vocabulary are reinforced through textbook material and student writing. Vocabulary is also supported with Membean, a personalized on-line vocabulary program. Students read a variety of literature genres and novels. Independent novel reading is encouraged through a weekly reading period. The year ends with a student portfolio of work.


Math instruction in Sixth grade serves as a preparation for success in algebra and geometry.  Students are introduced to geometry, pre-algebra, application of decimals, integers, application of fractions, proportions, and percentages.  The curriculum is designed to encourage students to think critically, explore problem solving, and explore and question thoughts and ideas.


Science topics introduce students to the study of life from the simplest organism to the most complex plants and animals.  Scientific classification and a study of the kingdoms are included.  Lab work includes related experiments and projects as well as an introduction into dissection.  Outdoor adventure and environmental and ecological relationships are explored.


The Sixth Grade’s study of American History is a survey course that starts in the post WWII years and continues to the present day. The course examines topical themes decade by decade starting with the 1950’s. Some typical topics each decade would include; famous leaders, cultural changes, and specific landmark events. An example of a “landmark event” might be the Civil Rights movement. Students continue to use the same comprehensive textbook that they used in Fifth grade, but rely heavily on outside material for the bulk of the course. Various individual and group based projects are undertaken throughout the year. 


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