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    • Early Learning Center
Early Learning Center

Benefits of the ELC

Experience Learning.

We are never content to sit in a classroom all day. Instead, The Early Learning Center's credentialed teachers nurture a vibrant environment where your child can experience learning through one-of-a-kind field trips, planned adventures throughout Heritage's lush campus, mentorship activities with Lower, Middle, and Upper School students, and a contagious sense of fun and possibility. Here, any and every moment can lead to a meaningful learning experience.

Lay the Foundation.

More than just their ABC’s, The Early Learning Center introduces and reinforces good study habits, healthy self-esteem, and consistent moral values in your child. Children will come home every day feeling good about themselves and what they accomplished, methodically building a self-confidence that they will carry into the following school year and for years beyond. These habits and values lay the foundation for the character of the man or woman your child will one day become.

Build Leadership.

Our expert teachers recognize each child's individuality and leadership potential, continuously adapting their classroom approach to encourage students to think independently, actively collaborate with classmates, and openly express their curiosity. Beyond academic fundamentals like Math, Science, and Language Arts, your child experiences a multi-disciplinary curriculum that incorporates Art, Foreign Language, Music, public speaking, and physical activities. This approach to learning ultimately leads to a young man or woman who is self-assured, creative, thoughtful, and increasingly well-rounded — traits upon which great leaders are built.

Engage With Your Child's Education.

We encourage you to participate in your child's learning experiences — attending monthly student assemblies; visiting his or her classroom during the school day; exchanging questions and discoveries about your child with his or her teachers — because we believe that just as school is a place for children to learn more about their world, it's also a place for parents to learn more about their children.

Be Part of Something Special.

Caring, expert, and communicative teachers; a safe, 73-acre indoor/outdoor campus that encourages experiential learning; access to robust learning resources and state-of-the-art facilities; purposeful interactions with older students; and a feeling of “us” and “we” and togetherness that is as tangible as the pecan trees dotting the campus — all these elements fuse at The Heritage School’s Early Learning Center to create an exceptional community where your son or daughter will thrive.
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