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Second Grade

Second graders Think Beyond by experiencing becoming paleontologist, scientist, pilgrims, New England Native Americans, and revolutionists,   They visit the chemistry lab and create fossils, as well as go on a dinosaur dig.  They enrich themselves in reading, research, and writing about their experiences.    

Did you ever wonder what it was like to be a pilgrim on the Mayflower?  Our second grade students become pilgrims as they prepare for and take the 66 day voyage.  They begin by creating their “sea chest” to pack the items they need for the voyage.  They also sew aprons and vests to help them dress like pilgrims once a week, along with proper pilgrim clothing.  The creation of a mock Mayflower in the classroom and the tight living spaces aid in the children learning the challenging trip for our ancestors.  They read, write, and integrate many areas of the curriculum into this unit of study.  Our students Think Beyond traditional methods of learning about the beginnings of our country by actually recreating the experience.   

With the pilgrims entering our country in New England, the students continue to learn about the area of the county and the evolution of the time period immediately following. They construct a Native American village to incorporate reading, social studies, and art, design their own Iroquois Wampum belt and False Faces using math skills.  

The Redcoats are coming!  Students experience the American Revolution through simulations such as, going to the Cobb Youth Museum to become a Revolutionist.  They learn about the Boston Tea Party and the causes of the turmoil in the new land.  These experiences allow our students to enjoy learning and Think Beyond



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