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Fourth Grade

The fourth grade students Think Beyond by becoming oceanographers, philanthropists, economists, engineers, and drummer boys during the Civil War. The fourth grade students begin their school year learning about the geography of the world and experimenting with the science of the oceans.  They experience a fun all-day trip to the Tennessee Aquarium. After returning from their journey, they become oceanographers using research skills to learn more about sea animals and their habitats.   

Next on the fourth grade experience, the students become philanthropist and economists.  They create a product of snack mix to sell to the students at The Heritage School.  They then take their profits and purchase pajamas for children at the local charitable organization, One Roof Outreach.  The students travel to the local Kohl’s and use math skills to calculate the number of pairs of pajamas they can purchase.   

STEM skills are incorporated through the engineering of simple machines with Kinex.  Students will use WeDo Legos this year to build, program, and problem solve to further their higher level thinking and engagement.   

The highlight of the fourth grade year is the Civil War unit.  Reading, writing, social studies, and science are all incorporated throughout this experience. Students will become drummer boys in the war and write in their journal about their own unique creative evaluation of the circumstances of the war.  There are four field trips that enhance this endeavor. Students visit the Port Columbus Naval Museum to see what life was like for sailors during the Civil War.  They see many artifacts from the time period, both from home life and from the battlefield, when they go to the Atlanta History Center. Traditionally, students enjoy seeing the Cyclorama depicting the Battle of Atlanta in a 360 degree enormous painting, but it is in the process of being moved.  At the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, students experience a train chase with a movie, and then see the actual train involved.  Students see a soldier in uniform who explains the necessity of his equipment and fires his musket.  They also participate in a scavenger hunt to explore the artifacts in the museum.  The unit ends with our own Civil War day where the students dress in period attire, participate in activities of the period, and observe a live canon being fired!


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