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Profile of a Graduate

Learn from Kristin Skelly, our Head of School, about the unique qualities that set our graduates apart.

What qualities and characteristics will your child have upon graduating from The Heritage School? Our graduates share common skills and attributes specifically developed and enhanced during their tenure here. We strive to develop our students' Academic Skills and Personal Attributes to ensure their future success. 

Top Graduate Awards

The Headmasters Award 

2023 Headmaster's Award Recipient Adam Richards

2023 Recipient: Adam Richards

This award is given annually to the senior who best exemplifies the school’s reason for being – a genuine love of learning.


Rotary Cup

2023 Recipient: Henry Wilgus

The Rotary Cup is awarded annually by a majority vote of the faculty. It is awarded to the senior who is the most outstanding in scholarship, citizenship, and leadership. 

Johnston Bowl

2023 Recipient: Mack Mikko

The Johnston Bowl is awarded annually by vote of the faculty to the graduating senior who best exemplifies the positive qualities desired in all Heritage students. The recipient should especially be a person who has exhibited a genuine concern for his or her fellow students and faculty members. The recipient will be a person who is actively involved in service to others.