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In today's world, technology and globalization create situations of constant innovation.  The traditional school-taught skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic need supplementation with updated skills to prepare students survive and thrive in both the workplace and in personal life. These skills, commonly referred to as 21st Century Skills, include technological literacy, creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. At Heritage, technology is never an end in itself. Instead, it is a means to an end, supporting our students in their quest for 21st Century Skills.

Here is a glimpse at some of the ways the Heritage educational experience is transformed through technology.

  • Seventh through Twelfth Grade students take part in the Bring Your Own Technology program and regularly utilize their laptops or tablets in the classroom.
  • Fifth and Sixth Grade students use iPads apps to deepen their understanding of topics covered in class.
  • Some teachers use "flipped" lessons, in which students watch an instructional video for homework, then work through problems that require higher-order thinking skills during class.
  • Foreign Language students are frequently seen practicing language on the go using an iPhone app that shares recordings with the teacher.
  • Students use Pinterest to pin sites pertaining to topics they are studying and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Technology connects Heritage students with classrooms from other schools around the country to collaborate on seeking solutions to real-world problems.
  • Technology connects Heritage students with classrooms from other schools around the world to facilitate learning about other cultures.
  • Papers are submitted to teachers via an online plagiarism checking website which helps students find their own words and know when to credit others.

If you have more questions about technology, feel welcome to ask your child's teacher(s) or the Director of Information Technology, Tina Abbott. Her direct telephone number is 678.423.5386.  Her email address is 

If you are considering the School and want more information about particular types of platforms or expectations, please contact Lory Pendergrast, our Director of Admissions. Her direct telephone number is 678.423.5393. Her email address is


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