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Upper School English Courses

A minimum of one English course per year, in addition to Public Speaking, is required in Upper School. 

English 9

This Ninth grade course is a survey in literature that includes Greek Mythology, Shakespeare, and American Literature. Students are introduced to archetypal stories, symbols, and characters. In addition to identifying archetypes, students will make connections with these archetypes and link each of the genres of literature through the archetypes. Students will learn and use several new literary terms and devices. Prerequisites: None
HOPE Eligible

English 10

American Literature: This Tenth grade course examines the development of Literature in America. Students explore different time periods from Colonial to Contemporary and learn the correlation between American History and American Literature. In addition to literature, this class emphasizes grammar and vocabulary skills, as well as frequent exposure to informal and formal writing pieces. Prerequisites: None
HOPE Eligible

English 11

British Literature: This Eleventh grade course builds a strong foundation for students in understanding British literature as a special genre and as a major contributing force to American literature. This course builds chronologically beginning with Beowulf and concludes with 20th century writers. Students continue to perfect their grammar and writing skills through a variety of daily and long-term assignments including research, compare and contrast, and literary analysis essays. Prerequisites: None
HOPE Eligible

English 12

This Twelfth grade course follows the development of literary trends from the book of Genesis to contemporary American Literature and shows how authors help to create today’s literary genre. Aside from traditional areas of study, students will deal with Southern writers, women writers, and Black writers. Students will produce project work as well as various types of essays. This course prepares students for the rigors of college writing while introducing them to a wide variety of more contemporary writers not often covered in traditional American and British literature classes. Prerequisites: None
HOPE Eligible

AP English Language & Composition

This Eleventh or Twelfth grade course is a rigorous application of college reading and writing techniques with an emphasis on rhetorical structure and stylistic maturity. It enforces the primary relationship between reading skills and assimilation of textual evidence in written responses. Students read, analyze, and work with essays, letters, speeches, and images to deepen their awareness of rhetoric and how language works. Students will understand the techniques for incorporating personal insight and observation into their writing. Including student generated narratives, exposition, argumentation, and analysis, students will write both formal and informal assignments. Focusing on how rhetoric shapes the author’s message, purpose, and tone, students will learn to recognize styles and create their own. A solid knowledge of structure and mechanics is necessary in order that the student may further delve into the function of stylistic devices. Prerequisite: English 10 and departmental recommendation
HOPE Eligible

AP English Literature & Composition

This Twelfth grade course challenges students with a love of literature and literary analysis to develop their skills through a variety of essay writing and practice AP multiple choice questions in preparation for the AP exam in the spring. Text choices come from the AP suggested reading list while practice exam materials come from a wide variety of AP level workbooks and past AP exams. The class challenges students to think independently while providing adequate support for their thoughts. During fourth quarter, students work on an independent project involving a book studied during either sophomore, junior or AP English. The book is re-read, research and critique requirements fulfilled, and multiple practice essays written as preparation for the third open-ended essay on the spring exam. Prerequisite: English 11 and departmental recommendation
HOPE Eligible

Public Speaking

This course develops skills in delivery and development of effective speeches. A wide variety of speaking opportunities provides students the chance to break bad habits and to improve their confidence as speakers. In addition, students learn different ways to research and structure persuasive, informational, and inspirational speeches. Prerequisites: None 
HOPE Eligible


This course is open to any Upper School student interested in working on the yearbook. Students use a specified computer program to design and construct the book. Additional responsibilities include advertising sales and photographic assignments. The end product is a 150+ page book produced within a $20,000 budget. Prerequisites: None

Writer’s Workshop

This course explores a variety of writing styles. There is an emphasis on writing for standardized testing. Additionally, students develop vocabulary and grammar skills. The goal is for each student to become a more mature writer and improve standardized test scores. Prerequisites: None
HOPE Eligible









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