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Upper School Physical Education Courses

A minimum of one course, including PE/Health, is required in Upper School.


This Ninth grade course teaches lifetime fitness with the individual in mind. While teaching the importance of a healthy body, students are exposed to a variety of fitness concepts including setting personal fitness goals, strength training, aerobic conditioning, unarmed self-defense, as well as various sports and games. Health issues addressed include nutrition, date rape, eating disorders, steroids, drugs, alcohol, human reproduction, and sexually transmitted diseases. This course includes the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (A.D.A.P.) program, which each student must pass in order to obtain a driver’s license in the state of Georgia. Prerequisites: None

Weight Training

This course focuses on individual physical improvement through the use of free weights, stations, and aerobic activities. Each student will develop, with the help of a supervisor, an individual work-out which will help the student reach his full potential. Prerequisites: None

Outdoor Education

This elective course is designed to expose students to a variety of outdoor activities and leadership opportunities. This course encourages students to develop greater self-confidence and acquire a sense of trust and commitment in their classmates. The students will work closely together in their efforts to learn how to set up and operate the Alpine Tower. They will have the opportunity to lead Lower and Middle School students in various games and leadership activities. Prerequisites: None








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