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Upper School Science Courses

A minimum of four science credits must be earned in Upper School.


This Ninth grade course is the study of living things and their interactions. Students will gain an understanding and awareness of biological concepts and experience science as a process. Students will engage in lab work, field studies, discussions, and lecture in addition to outside current research readings. Topics and themes include, but are not limited to, ecology, study of the Georgia Barrier Islands, genetics, marine biology, cytology, evolution, and microorganisms. Students will also develop and design the school garden. Prerequisites: None
HOPE Eligible

AP Biology

This Eleventh or Twelfth grade course takes an in-depth analysis and research driven approach using a multitude of resources not limited to a textbook. Via field work, student teaching, student driven lab work, case studies and current published research, students analyze and synthesize data to understand the essential knowledge required. Prerequisites: Biology, Chemistry, and departmental recommendation
HOPE Eligible


This Tenth grade course will examine the detailed structure of matter and integrate a mathematical approach to chemistry. Topics include atomic structure, stoichiometry, chemical reactions, thermochemistry, equilibrium, acid-base theories, oxidation-reduction, nuclear, and organic topics. Laboratory experiments are designed to demonstrate and enrich the concepts and theories presented. Prerequisite: Algebra I
HOPE Eligible

AP Chemistry

This Eleventh or Twelfth grade course is an inquiry-based evaluation of essential concepts enabling students to develop their reasoning and critical thinking skills as they engage in science practices. Students will develop advanced inquiry and reasoning skills such as designing and implementing plans for the collection and analysis of data, applying mathematics and connecting concepts in and across topics. Through lecture, problem-solving sessions, and laboratory experimentation, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the structure of matter, chemical reactions, bonding, chemical equilibria, kinetics, acid-base theories, thermochemistry, and electrochemistry. Prerequisites: Chemistry, Algebra II, and departmental recommendation
HOPE Eligible


This Eleventh or Twelfth grade course examines the relationship between matter and energy and how they interact. Students explore the unifying themes of physics, including force, motion, energy, wave motion, thermodynamics, electricity, and magnetism. Students participate in lab activities and projects. Prerequisites: Algebra II and Geometry
HOPE Eligible

AP Physics 1

This Eleventh or Twelfth grade course explores the nature of the physical environment and explains how natural phenomena occur in terms of mathematics. This course provides a systematic development of Newtonian mechanics, waves, and electricity and emphasizes problem solving that helps students develop a deep understanding of physics concepts. Students complete numerous labs in order to chart, graph, and derive formulas where reasoning skills are reinforced for scientific inquiry. Prerequisites: Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus (can be enrolled concurrently) and departmental recommendation
HOPE Eligible

Environmental Science

This course is designed to immerse students in the physical, biological, and earth systems sciences that shape our environment. Scientific concepts, principles, and modern science practices allow students to analyze environmental issues, both natural and human induced, and engage in evidence-based decision making in real world contexts. The lab component of this course allows students to learn ways in which scientists study and monitor the environment. This course encompasses three themes: Sound Science, Sustainability, and Stewardship. Students will be exposed to a wide range of topics from global to local issues. Prerequisites: None
HOPE Eligible

Integrated Sciences

This semester course challenges students to make connections amongst the various scientific disciplines while developing their observational, analytical and quantitative skills to better understand the physical world. This course exposes students to different areas of science including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science, and Astronomy in the context of our modern environment to prepare students for future and more advanced science classes. Prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry
HOPE Eligible

Anatomy and Physiology

This semester course introduces students to human anatomy and physiology, with emphasis on the systems of the body and how they are interrelated. Students will learn about human anatomy and physiology studies through the study of medical terminology, basic chemistry, cell and tissue structure, and the eleven systems of the human body (integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive). Prerequisites: Biology and Chemistry
HOPE Eligible


This course enables the student to design, build, and participate in nationally recognized robotic competitions in the area. Students will work with servos, motors, remote controls, and structural metal components to build a working robot. A knowledge of hand tools and computer programming would be most helpful but not necessary for this class. Prerequisites: None

Chemistry & Other Sciences (CHAOS)

This laboratory based course explores the major sciences (chemistry, physics, geology, and biology). Students conduct experiments and explore readings not experienced in the traditional sequence of science curriculum. Students will be encouraged to expand their critical thinking skills as they delve into the unknown of the scientific world. Laboratory experiments and projects will be developed with a shared common interest. Past topics have included experimentation in polymer chemistry, optics, and nanotechnology. The schedule will be dynamic as events change in the world and influence student interest as the course progresses and develops. Prerequisites: None 








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