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Upper School Visual Arts Courses

A minimum of one Performing or Visual Art course is required in Upper School

Art I

This course is designed to expose the student interested in art to a more in-depth study in the foundations of art and to prepare the student for the rigors of AP Art. Drawing and painting are the backbone of this class, with a strong emphasis placed on drawing from life. Students collect and keep their thoughts and ideas, thumbnail sketches, and other brainstorming materials in a binder that serves as a sketchbook. At the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of finished work. Teacher-led critiques are used in the teaching of aesthetics, and students assist in the evaluation of their own artwork. Reworking of work submitted is shown to be part of each student’s growth as an artist. Art history is incorporated into each project, and students are also introduced to what contemporary artists around the world are producing. The students’ use of class time, management of materials, and clean-up of work area are also considered part of the course of study. Prerequisites: None

Art II

In this second level course, personal expression and experimentation are emphasized. While students are urged to pursue individual artistic directions, all students experiment with a variety of two and three dimensional media. Students will further their study of art aesthetics and evaluation by critiques of their own work. The study of art history and current trends in contemporary art continues in this course, building upon the work in Art I. Students continue to collect and keep their thoughts, ideas, thumbnail sketches, and other brainstorming materials in a binder that serves as a sketchbook. At the end of the course, students will also have a portfolio of finished work. Students will be shown that there is more than one solution to a creative idea. Students are encouraged to find their own voice. Additionally, students will learn responsibility for their time as well as their work space. Prerequisite: Art I with a B or higher or with departmental recommendation

Design Build

This course is a collaborative project-based class where students find and execute every facet of a project from beginning to end. Students are responsible for every facet of every project from start to finish. Repurposing of materials is encouraged; critical, creative thinking, and time management skills are a must, disciplined with a wide range of interests, not just in art. Students need a curiosity of how things work and a desire to build something unique. The teacher acts as a facilitator to make sure the students are pursuing the right course of action and to make appropriate materials available. Prerequisite: Art I & II with a B or higher and departmental recommendation









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