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Why Heritage?

We believe that The Heritage School is one of the best schools in Georgia. Working together, our teachers, parents, and staff benefit each student in seven distinct ways:
Find Balance Here. Energized by an indoor/outdoor campus, enriched through experiential learning, challenged in the classroom, tested on the playing field, and inspired by some of the best teachers in Georgia, students find balance at The Heritage School - balance that empowers them to think creatively, act independently, and feel compassionately.

Speak Your Mind. Beginning with the earliest grade levels, our students methodically master the art of public speaking, acquiring the skill, self-confidence, and poise to persuasively shape and share ideas in any and every environment.

Make Discoveries. Whether he or she is a budding Artist, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Filmmaker, Leader, Scientist, Teacher, or something else entirely, we provide each student with daily opportunities to make unexpected discoveries about themselves and their world - discoveries which can open their young minds and set imaginations afire.

Think Differently. While some schools simply focus on AP and ACT/SAT scores, our teachers prioritize the ability of students to think differently - this might include taking something they learned in History class and applying it in Science, or adapting to an unexpected obstacle during Outdoor Education - because we know that success in life isn't about multiple choice tests and rote memorization.

Learn Leadership. Captaining the team to a hard-fought victory against all odds; mentoring a struggling younger student in need of a role model; stepping onto the stage for the very first time, heart aflutter and mouth like cotton; at The Heritage School, we provide students with life experiences that cultivate the characteristics of leaders.

Be You. Embracing one another's differences, supportive of one another's limitations, and as close-knit as most brothers and sisters who share a last name, our accepting student culture enables everyone to be themselves, no matter how original, funky, cool, quirky, or just in-progress that self can sometimes be.

Go Far. Beyond earning millions of dollars in scholarships and thriving in the best colleges in the country, our graduates also leave The Heritage School with the guts and resolve to pursue their dreams, from founding an industry-shaking start-up in California, to successfully campaigning for public office in West Georgia, to someday curing a disease once thought incurable.
 “One thing I love about Heritage is that you have an opportunity to get to know so many people instead of feeling lost in the crowd.” Molly Smith, Class of ‘26

Student and Alumni Voices

More than bricks and textbooks, a school is made of students.

Our recent Alumni share their thoughts about how The Heritage School prepared them for college and beyond.
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