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Middle School Music

Middle School Students in Grades 5 and 6 continue their study of music elements through choral singing, instrumental ensembles, and participation in a school play.  Each student performs a variety of repertoire from different genres of music ranging from Classical to Contemporary.  Students are taught proper vocal and instrumental techniques, as well concert etiquette.  Students are carefully assessed to determine their vocal and instrumental progress as the year continues.  Cumulative learning, creative expression, and music appreciation are the ultimate goals of the class.

Students in Grades 7 and 8 experience a variety of activities during their quarter in Music.  Students continue to build on their musical knowledge through ensemble singing, group piano lessons, music theory studies, and basic composition.  This class does not generally perform during the year, but uses their time in the class to decide which areas of music study they most enjoy.  Students are encouraged to pursue music in Upper School classes based on these preferences.  Wide varieties of music are studied as students become better acquainted with intermediate theory.  A composition project is the final assignment of the class, allowing students to creatively express themselves using their growing musical vocabulary, as well as the latest music technology.


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