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Developmental Sports

Developmental Intramural Sports at our school are a cherished tradition with a rich 26-year history. During these programs, our varsity athletes take on the role of coaches for third through fifth grade boys and girls, guiding them through a five to six-week season. The pinnacle of these seasons is the championship games, which are thoughtfully scheduled during a school day, allowing the entire student body to participate and support their peers.

Intramurals play a crucial role in nurturing our younger students, helping them develop essential skills, gain valuable experience, and boost their self-confidence, whether they choose to pursue the sport further or simply enjoy the camaraderie of playing with their classmates. Simultaneously, these programs offer our varsity players the real-world opportunity to become leaders and role models within our school community by serving as coaches.

Our Intramural Basketball program kicked off in 1992, marking the inception of this enduring tradition. In the spring of 2015, we introduced the Intramural Soccer program (futsal), expanding the reach of our Developmental Sports initiative. Since then, our program has continued to evolve, now encompassing a diverse range of sports.

Get Involved!

Sign-ups for the 2023-2024 Developmental Sports Season are now closed. 

Check back next school year for our upcoming season! Thank you for your interest and support.

Developmental Sports Programs


Basketball Champs!

Congrats to the 2024 Developmental Basketball Champs - the Navy Team!

Football Champs!

Congrats to the 2024 Developmental Football Champs - the White Team!

Futsal Champs!

Congrats to the 2023 Developmental Futsal Champs - the Red Team!