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Student Leadership

One of the primary benefits The Heritage School provides its students is the opportunity to discover, develop, and enhance their individual leadership skills.

Leadership opportunities exist both in and out of the classroom and are fundamental to the overall development of our students.

Captaining the team to a hard-fought victory against all odds; mentoring a struggling younger student in need of a role model; stepping onto the stage for the very first time, heart aflutter and mouth like cotton; at The Heritage School, we provide students with life experiences that cultivate the characteristics of leaders.

Beyond these examples, there are many other leadership opportunities within The Heritage School: Honor Council, founding or overseeing a club or extracurricular activity, coaching an intramural team for younger students, facilitating a service activity between the School and an outside organization, and much more.

We believe in the transformational power of good leadership at The Heritage School. We believe that intentionally teaching children the characteristics and traits of leadership — in addition to embedding values within their hearts and minds – can and does make the world a better place.

One new leadership initiative beginning this school year is the Habitudes series created by Dr. Tim Elmore. The Habitudes program uses pictures, questions, and experiences to help students develop their own unique leadership skills, understand what their leadership qualities look like today, and how they want to transform those qualities for the future. They will learn to lead by building character, managing time, practicing self-discipline, and taking initiative. Each month, the entire Heritage community is involved in examining a Habitude. From Community Time to advisory groups and class sessions, there are many teachable moments where students are continuing to examine and refine their leadership abilities.
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