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The Heritage Athletic Society

The Heritage Athletic Society Mission:

The Heritage Athletic Society was created to encourage and promote athletic leadership and giving.
Participation in The Heritage Athletic Society will support the BODY pillar of our school’s Mission Statement; to develop the Mind, Body, Spirit and Camaraderie of the Heritage Student.
The Heritage School budgets for all its programs each year; academic, artistic, athletic, as well as for facilities and grounds upkeep. However, there are always needs that come up that are unforeseen or outside of the budget: equipment that must be updated or replaced, new uniforms, fields and facilities that must be repaired or renovated, tournaments and trips in which we become involved, and speakers and guests we can invite to motivate our young athletes. It is for these reasons that The Heritage Athletic Society was established. Our goal is to make sure our student athletes are given all they need to be ready to compete at the highest level.
Get involved now! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your valuable time and thoughtful consideration.
Tommy Amoroso - Heritage Athletic Director
Ben Carnazzo -  Athletic Society President



2018  the Athletic Society was able to purchase or donate the following items for the Heritage Hawks:
  Helmets and shoulder pads for varsity football
  Goals for Soccer Teams
  Uniforms for Tennis Teams
  Uniforms for Track and Field Teams
  Field improvements for baseball field
  Varsity Football uniforms for 2018 season
  Storage facility for Baseball Teams
  Strength and conditioning coaches for all student athletes
  Workout gear for Middle School and Varsity Football
  Uniforms for JV and Varsity Baseball Teams
In 2019 the Athletic Society was able to purchase or donate the following items for the Heritage Hawks:
Football Improvements
  New Field Windscreens
  New Score Board
▪   25 Second Clocks
  Varsity Football Workout Gear
Baseball Field Improvements
  New Backstop & Netting
  New Dugout Benches & Paint
  New Outfield Netting
  New Fence Windscreens
Base Hitting Facility
  New Enclosed Hitting Facility
  New Baseball Locker Room
Tennis Court
  New Windscreens
Softball Field
  New Dugout Benches
  New Windscreens
  Softball Score Board
    • 2019-2020 HAS Chart


2018-2019 Heritage Athletic Society Members

Click on levels to view members.

2019-2020 Athletic Society Members

List of 5 items.

  • Platinum Level

    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Carnazzo
    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Chapman
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mikko
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Skelly
  • Gold Level

    Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Arnall
    Mr. and Mrs.  Otis Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Reeves
    Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Rusich
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thompson
  • Silver Level

    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Arnall
    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Chapman
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Durham
    Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fuford
    Mr. and Mrs. William Grant
    Mr. and Mrs Hugh Lochore
    Mr. amd Mrs, Ellis Mansour
    Mr.a nd Mrs. Kimball Peed
  • Bronze Level

    Mr. and Mrs. Lance Albertson
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Browning
    Ms. Jane Carnazzo
    Mr. and Mrs. Brock Morman


  • Hawk Level

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Peeler
    Dr. and Mrs. Boyce Thomas
Cash gifts may be delivered to the Administration Office and should be accompanied by donor contact information.
Checks may be delivered to the Administration Office in person or sent by mail to:
                          The Heritage School, 2093 Highway 29 N., Newnan, GA  30263
The Heritage School2093 Highway 29 North, Newnan, Georgia 30263Main Office: 770.253.9898 770.253.9898