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Fine Arts

Performing Arts

The Heritage School values the arts by providing strong instructors for every age level, and the artistic endeavors of our students are celebrated and encouraged by their teachers and peers. Education in the Performing Arts begins with the very youngest students, who sing and perform on a regular basis both on and off campus, getting a crucial, early start building their stage confidence and self-esteem.  Instrumental Music is added in Lower School and continues, along with Choral Music, through all age levels. The annual spring musical includes actors and singers from First through Twelfth grades, mentored by the Upper School Drama students and Heritage Singers. Students are encouraged to perform at School and in the community.  Our Performing Arts students tend to excel academically, and many of our students go on to study the arts at the college level.
Instumental Music

Here we believe in cultivating a lifelong love of music from the earliest grades.  Learning an instrument has many proven benefits.  Studies show that students involved in music develop intelligence and have success in both school and society.  Instrumental Music opportunities at The Heritage School include piano and guitar lessons, and an Upper School Contemporary Band known as The Talons.  The program is led by talented, professional musical educators.
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