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Fine Arts

Visual Arts

The art curriculum is founded upon the concept that process itself is valued as greatly as the finished product, and creativity requires time for reflection and invention to flourish.  In Kindergarten, students begin to explore a variety of mediums and techniques, while receiving an introduction to artists and art movements.  Time for art is a highly prized component of the program, a program that might easily be described as “an inch wide and a mile deep.”

Art lessons are presented with the assumption that new ideas are an important aspect of initiating each work of art. Students are asked to analyze, evaluate, and savor the process. Creating art is a joyful, but demanding, activity with a high expectation for excellence. The art teachers are passionate about the subject, offering the perspective of personal experience as working professionals.

A visit to the art room is an affirmation that ideas are being explored and challenged; a foundation of design principals is being reinforced; and concepts learned are being applied in greater depth as students advance. Here, success and failure are partners, both equally valued. We are actively in the business of grooming the artists and the designers of the future.
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