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Welcome to "Beyond the Grove - A Heritage School Blog."  Throughout the year will be adding posts to "Beyond the Grove" written by teachers, administrators, students, alumni, and parents.

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  • Gridley '19, Lory, Max '22, and David Pendergrast

    Admissions 101 - “Letting Go”

    Lory Pendergrast - Director of Admissions
    We dropped off our first born son over the weekend at college. His first year. He is more than ready – academically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. He spent his life preparing for this moment. He spent the better part of the year vetting this university. The research was completed, his scores and application were sent, the orientation attended, the dorm supplies, while sparse (after all he’s a guy), were purchased. I felt good both about his decision and about saying goodbye. I let him go after a strong hug. I didn’t shed one tear. But, in full disclosure, I did crawl into his bed upon our return back home and held his pillow close while the wetness from my eyes left a ring on the case.
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