Katie Arnall Freeman Media Center

The Media Center supports vibrant, innovative programs and instruction for Early Learners through Upper School students. We offer a rich, inventive, customizable program to support the whole of the School’s curriculum and inspire and foster the spark of curiosity in each student, faculty, and staff member. The Katie Arnall Freeman Media Center is a gathering place on campus for research and collaboration, for the individual and for groups. We aim to provide easy access to information across diverse digital, print, audio, and visual media as well as the guidance on how to best utilize it. The Media Center houses more than 16,000 volumes, subscriptions to local and regional newspapers, periodicals, ebooks, a Smartboard, wireless access, and more than 50 databases that are also accessible from home.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the role the Media Center plays in the development of our students, please contact Rivka Genesen. Her email address is, and her telephone number is 678.423.5355.