Middle School

Middle School Advisory

The Middle School Advisory Program matches students with a trusted adult who is a point of contact for them throughout the school year. In Fifth and Sixth grade, students are paired with their homeroom teachers as advisors. In Seventh and Eighth grade, students are a part of an advisory group where one teacher serves as an advisor to a small team of students. Advisors serve in many different roles for their students: they meet with them on a regular basis to discuss the leadership attribute lesson of the month, serve as a student advocate if an advisee is struggling in a particular class, and communicate with parents about any concerns that may arise. The advisor facilitates the parent and student conferences several times throughout the year. Advisors are assigned during the summer and begin meeting with students immediately at the beginning of the school year.

If you have questions about the Advisory Program for Middle School students, please contact Nathan Watts, Middle School Head, at or 678-423-5379.