Fine Arts
Performing Arts

Drama and Music


Drama is more than an extracurricular activity at The Heritage School; it is an academic class that involves training in the craft: studying acting techniques, terminology, improvisation, and theatre history. Students learn how to interact naturally on stage, project their voices, and understand the idea of actor objective. Advanced Drama students explore the various playwrights of the twentieth century and learn the concepts of script analysis, character development, and production design. Students are encouraged to take on production responsibilities such as stage management, lighting design, and choreography.  Drama students are eligible for all Heritage productions, including One Act Competitions, Improv Nights, as well as the annual spring musical.  The spring musical typically involves students from grades 1 through 12 and is a wonderful bonding and mentoring opportunity for our youngest and oldest students

Instrumental Music

Here we believe in cultivating a lifelong love of music from the earliest grades.  Learning an instrument has many proven benefits.  Studies show that students involved in music develop intelligence and have success in both school and society.  Instrumental Music opportunities at The Heritage School include piano and guitar lessons, strings ensembles, and an Upper School Contemporary Band known as The Talons.  The program is led by talented, professional musical educators. 

Middle School

In the Middle School, our team works on developing the whole child by helping them explore their talents and interests throughout their Middle School years. Our students are encouraged to inquire about things they would like to know more about and investigate topics of interest to them. We offer many opportunities for Middle School extracurricular activities including multiple athletic teams, fine arts performance groups, and over 20 special interest clubs.

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Upper School

Here, we prepare students for college and life. Beyond a rigorous yet flexible curriculum — to include 18 Advanced Placement courses and counting - and with teachers and advisors who are as much collaborators as educators, our students stretch themselves personally and intellectually. Opportunities include mentoring younger students, a student-run Honor Council, a 13-sport Athletic program, and community-focused, character-building extracurriculars like Student Government, Key Club, and more.

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