Georgia GOAL

Redirect Your State Tax Dollars

The Heritage School participates in Georgia's Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit program which provides an opportunity for Georgia taxpayers to set aside a portion of their tax dollars to support qualified student scholarships.

By making a partial prepayment of their state tax to Georgia Goal Scholarship Program, Inc., participants will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against their 2017 Georgia tax bill. This tax prepayment is sent to The Heritage School to offset the tuition of a pre-qualified student. In addition to the state tax credit, participants can also submit record of the prepayment as a charitable donation against their next federal tax bill. Essentially, participants are redirecting their tax dollars that would have otherwise gone into the general fund of the Georgia Department of Revenue, toward a student's tuition at The Heritage School instead.

This is not a donation. Instead, it is a way for The Heritage School to access some of the tax dollars our parents and grandparents already pay into the state tax system in order to provide the opportunity of a Heritage education to pre-qualified students.

Since 2009, our students have received nearly $900,000 as a result of this program.